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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of information is required to begin the process?

Answer: To begin creating your store or website, we only require basic information. Such as your logo, business name, and color choice.
The process is very easy to get started! As the process proceeds, you will be notified if any extra details are needed.

How does the process work for our services?

Websites: We will be creating a new Shopify store for the client, and then transferring store ownership to the customer. After your order is placed, you will receive an automatic email with further instructions.

Note: If you have an existing Shopify store, you will be able to easily transfer the website domain that you own, and existing products to the new store with the import/export button.

However, if you would like to continue with your previous store - it will not include application installation as mentioned in the package selected.

Downloads: All instant downloads and premade designs will be automatically delivered to the email address used at checkout.

Do we work on existing stores, or offer revamping services?

Answer:  Yes, however we highly recommend allowing us to create a new clean store. This way, we will be able to successfully add the bonus features listed in the package selected. Clients can also easily revamp their store with our premade banners, logos, and other DIY graphic designs.

Are there any other website fees, or monthly costs?

Answer: Our websites are typically created with the Shopify platform, which charges a base price of $29/month to keep your store active. However, we personally do not charge any extra fees. Clients are responsible for their own transactions and fees.

Do we provide stock photos or product images for client's stores?

Answer: The models shown in our website designs, and graphic designs come with the order as displayed. However, we do not
provide free product images to showcase in your store. The store owner is responsible for their own product images.

Can I replace your models with my own models for the website design?

Answer: Yes, you can provide your own models for the website design - however you will need our Premium Package or higher for this service.
Your model images should be high quality, and in .jpg or .png format.

How long is the turn around time?

Answer: The turnaround time will depend on the package selected. Time frame estimations can be found in the product description. Please note that the time frames listed are solely estimations and do not include weekends.